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In Search of Dust.

Teh Tarik is made from tea dust. People think: no whole leaf = most inferior form of tea. Well, our family must be truly insane then, to have spent the last 70 odd years obsessing over the search for the best tea dust to make the best cup of teh tarik.

Our teh tarik, humbly-priced, is actually a citizen of the world.

Depending on the season of the year or the quality of the harvest, we may source the dust from certain parts of Sri Lanka for the aroma, from Assam, India for the colour and liquor, and from Java, Indonesia for the robustness of the body.

When Sri Lanka has a poor harvest in a particular season, we search for alternatives, sometimes, landing us as far away as Kenya or Argentina.

The perfect tea dust for teh tarik is created when we blend our global finds in the right proportions. How do we know what the “right proportions” are? Well, it has only taken us 90 years to get here.

P.S. Tea dust used in teh tarik is specifically cut to size, so that the aroma of the tea can be quickly released, and businesses can make the teh tarik fast.